The Villages Gem & Mineral Society SAFETY RULES

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Due to liability issues and recreation center policy, only Villages occupants (home owners and renters) that are The Villages Gem and Mineral Society (TVGMS) members are to operate TVGMS equipment. Visitors, family friends or anyone under the age of twenty (20) are not allowed to operate TVGMS equipment. By using the equipment, each member accepts the responsibility to take care of and not abuse the equipment. While attending classes, open workshops or special sessions, members agree to abide by TVGMS rules, to follow the directions of their instructors, board members and/or the safety officer.


All members will notify a BOARD MEMBER OR TRAINER as soon as possible of any maintenance problem or misuse of equipment of which they may become aware. Members also accept the responsibility to follow TVGMS minimum safety standards.




1. Everyone must wear eye protection (safety glasses, goggles, or a face shield) while operating equipment. This is to protect your eyes from flakes of stone or other objects that might be thrown by your equipment or the person sitting beside you.

2. It is recommended that ear protection is worn.

3. Long hair must be tied up, tied back in a ponytail, or tucked inside clothing. This includes long beards.

4. Remove jewelry (especially long chains) and wear nothing that might become entangled in the equipment. Rings and other hand jewelry may also be damaged by the grinders and blades.

5. Do not wear loose clothing, such as ties or scarves. It is recommended that an apron is worn.

6. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes should be worn. Stone chips may be thrown by the equipment and glass fragments from other groups have been found on the Recreation Center floors.

7. Rock dust can be hazardous to one’s health. Use sufficient water at all times while grinding and polishing stones so that rock dust does not form and to protect the equipment.

a. If you ever have occasion to work with metallic ores or other mineral specimens, be aware of the possibility that they may contain toxic substances such as silica, uranium, lead, mercury, arsenic, asbestos, copper sulfate and other irritants and toxic vapors that can be present during rock grinding and cutting.
b. Consider wearing a dust mask or a dust and mist respirator to protect from fumes, spray or dust when working with some materials.

8. No children are allowed to operate any equipment at any time. Children should be under adult supervision at all times while visiting and not be permitted to wander around the work room or storage areas.

9. Never attempt to operate equipment that appears unsafe, in need of repairs or for which you are not trained. Members who complete training on a specific piece of equipment will be certified to operate only that specific TVGMS equipment.

10. Before turning any machine on or plugging it in move the wheels and/or saw blades by hand to be sure that it moves freely, is not rubbing on the guards, and that the grinders or saw blades are tight on the shafts.

11. Always turn off a machine before leaving. DO NOT LEAVE an unattended machine operating.

12. Unplug the machine BEFORE performing maintenance or cleaning.

13. Know where the fire alarm and the closest fire extinguisher are located.

14. NO OPEN FLAMES (torches, etc.) are allowed in the recreation center.

15. A First Aid Kit is located on a shelf in the storage room.

16. Keep all buckets of water away from the floor outlets; try to position them so they are not kicked over or allowed to spill.

17. If any emergency arises where 911 must be called – DO IT IMMEDIATELY- don’t wait for a consensus of the membership or board member permission. After placing the call make sure the Recreation Center employees are notified so they can take appropriate actions required by their management.

18. If you are too short, have physical problems, or lack the necessary strength to remove or replace equipment or other materials from the storage shelves request assistance.

I acknowledge my receipt of these safety rules and will conform to them. If I do not, I may be denied use of the club’s equipment.

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