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Meeting Date: Oct 2011

A regular business meeting of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society was held at Sea Breeze Recreation Center on October 6, 2011.  The meeting convened at 7 :00 pm. Vice President, Tom Mitchell, opened the meeting.

Minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.

Officers Reports:

Vice-President, Tom Mitchell reported:

Judy Mitchell is going to enter our website into a contest.  If anyone wants to assist Judy, please let her know.

The S.E. Federation is sponsoring a swap/dig in So. Carolina this weekend.

Rock & Gem magazine is available to us at a discount through the S.E. Federation and our club treasury would also receive a contribution from the magazine for each subscription.  Rhonda has the subscription forms for anyone interested.  The offer expires 12/31/11.

There are many gem and mineral shows coming up in FL.  The list of shows can be found in the SFMS LODESTAR newsletter that is available online.

Treasurer, Richard Goodspeed reported:

Beginning Balance    $ 510.77
Income & deposits          37.00
End of Sept BAL.     $ 547.77
Cash and checks             34.00
Balance to date          $ 581.77


Old Business:

Gene McDevitt will be here Dec. 1st and will give a Power Point presentation on Boulder Opals and mining opals in Australia.  Gene owns an opal mine in Australia and will have just returned from mining when we see him.  This is a meeting not to be missed!

Tom Mitchell, Chris Courtwright and Rhonda West attended a couple of meetings and basically “rattled” some cages and got permission for Gene to come and lecture our club about boulder opals and also be able to sell opal rough and cut opals to any of us who want to purchase.  This is a great opportunity!  Gene will bring stone from his mine in Australia for us to purchase.  He is also coming back to our club sometime in February to demonstrate cutting opal.Tom made a motion that our meeting on Dec. 1st begins at 6 pm rather than 7 pm.

The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Tom made a motion to have our officer nominations and election at our November business meeting instead of our December meeting so Gene will have enough time for his presentation.
The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Christine Courtwright volunteered to chair the nomination committee.


New Business:

Chris Courtwright introduced us to  Using this site is a way for our club to earn money.  It is an entity that returns a percentage of purchases to whoever you designate.  There is no upcharge to the items and the sites are sites that we all use.  Please check it out and start using it!!!


Watch for emails concerning upcoming events.



The meeting was adjourned for our “Chinese auction” and “show and tell.”

Rhonda West,