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The Villages Gem and Mineral Club


Meeting Date: Nov 2013

A regular business meeting of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society was held at Sea Breeze Recreation Center on November 7th, 2013. Club President, Tom Mitchell, started the meeting at 6:30 pm and welcomed everyone.  He showed us the new issue of Healthy Living Magazine, which has his picture on the cover.

He also pointed out reference materials on the front table available for perusal – but not for the taking!

Officers Reports:

Secretary, Rhonda West

The minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer, Richard Goodspeed reported:

For September
Beginning Balance    $   658.11
Deposit                       +   348.72
Expenditures             -    115.90
End of Oct.. BAL.     $   890.93
Cash on hand                        +   166.30
Available Bal.            $ 1,057.23

The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Vice President, Bill Collins

Reported that he went to the Fossil Show and added to his collection.  He and Dick Goodspeed went to the Armory show – it was hard to find but worth the trip.  He also went to the wholesale show in Kissimee with great success!

Chris Courtwright reported on our Christmas/Hanukah Party Dec. 5th.   She will buy iced tea for us and you can BYOB.  Dale West will be the MC for the gift exchange.  Chris put out a sign-up sheet for who is coming and what you are bringing for food. Everybody is to bring a dish to share and a $10 gift per person for our gift exchange.

Chris also reported on the Annual Club show and Sale, which is scheduled for Jan. 26, 2014.  We have the big room for free but our show is only open to Villages Residents and their guests (with ID’s).

Our show tables are sold out.  We have some outside vendors and we will have a few displays.  Chris went through each table and told us who is assigned to each table and what they will be doing.  Forty tables have been sold.

Each person who is selling will donate an item to be used as a door prize.

We will need volunteer help from the club members who are not selling.
Tom announced that the club will be buying show insurance for the day of the event and will cost $175.00.

Web Master, Judy Mitchell

Reported that the club minutes are now posted on the web site.

The Travel Channel has a show called Gem Hunt, which shows on Tuesday nights.  The weather Channel has a show called Prospectors, which is also quite good.  It shows on Sunday nights with re-runs showing at many other times.

If there is anyone interested in being the club web master – please let Judy know.

SIG Leader, Mary Ellen Lannigan

The second Thursday is a dedicated teaching night for various wire arts.  Next Thursday is wire wrap for cabs.  Mary Ellen has a sheet for email addresses for anyone who wants to be notified of upcoming instruction.

New Business:

A possible club LOGO was presented.  The printed image garnered many comments and suggestions.  Those suggestions will be incorporated into the design.

A discussion ensued about additional meeting times for our club members.  Monday night was mentioned.  Also requested was time during the day rather than at night.

Bill Collins announced the people willing to serve as officers for the club in 2014.

Bill volunteered to be president – he was congratulated.

Michael McCauley for Vice President – he was congratulated.

Dick Goodspeed will continue as Treasurer, and Rhonda West will continue as Secretary.

Old Business:

Ed Mrak made an announcement about club name badges.  They are $10 each.

Ron would like for Gene McDevitt to come back to one of our meetings.  Ron also wanted to raise the craft fee per week.  It was pointed out that money is not our limitation – it is space.  If we get additional times available for use of the room, each member will be responsible to pay $1.00 each session.


The meeting was adjourned and we had our Chinese auction and show & tell.

Rhonda West,