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The Villages Gem and Mineral Club


Meeting Date: Nov 2011

A regular business meeting of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society was held at Sea Breeze Recreation Center on November 3, 2011.  The meeting convened at 7 :00 pm. President, Joe Comer, opened the meeting.  


He informed the membership that Vice President Tom Mitchell’s dad is about to pass and Tom and Judy are with him tonight.

The minutes for the October meeting were read and approved.

Officers Reports:

Treasurer, Richard Goodspeed reported:

Beginning Balance    $ 547.77
Income & deposits          68.50
End of Oct BAL.       $ 616.27
Cash on hand                 50.00
Balance to date          $ 666.27

Dick is about to place an order with Kingsley North.  If anybody wants to order at the club discount, let him know tonight.

Dick has put together a list of equipment we would like to have the Recreation Department purchase for our club.  The list will be reviewed by other club members and amended before presenting it as a request to The Recreation Dept.

Old Business:

Christine Courtwright, as head of the nominating committee, re-iterated that the nominations for 2012 are as follows:  President – Tom Mitchell; Vice President – Bill Collins; Treasurer – Richard Goodspeed; and Secretary – Rhonda West.

Joe Comer moved that Tom Mitchell be president for 2012.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Ed Mrak moved that Bill Collins be vice president for 2012.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Richard Goodspeed was voted in unanimously for another term as treasurer.

Rhonda West was voted in unanimously for another term as secretary.It was also unanimous to have Judy Mitchell remain as our Webmaster.
New Business:

There was a discussion about having a room that is dedicated to gem cutting, metalsmithing, etc.  Chris Courtwright said, from experience with the Rec. Dept., the club would need to petition them with the weight of our membership, i.e. the number of people in our club using the facilities.

Barbara Peterson made a suggestion to have a time limit on the machines on Thursday work nights.  There was a discussion that followed with a suggestion of having a sign-up sheet for the various workstations.

Chris Courtwright made a motion to try a month’s trial with the sign-up sheet.  The motion was seconded and carried with three neighs.

Marsha Koenig asked for the web site address to be included in the minutes.

Our web site is www.


Everyone was reminded about the special meeting in December with Gene McDevitt.  The December meeting will begin at 6:00 pm



The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm for our “Chinese auction” and “show and tell.”

Rhonda West,