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The Villages Gem and Mineral Club


Meeting Date: May 2011

A regular business meeting of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society was held at Sea Breeze Recreation Center on May 5, 2011.  The meeting convened at 7:00 pm. President Joe Comer presiding.


Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.

Officers Reports:

Vice President, Tom Mitchell began by asking that everyone make sure his or her email addresses are correct on the sign-in sheet.  He talked about The Lodestar Newsletter and info pertinent to our club.  The newsletter can be accessed on-line.

He re-iterated the need for fossil permits in Florida.  He also talked briefly about the William Holland School of Lapidary and Jewelry Arts, located in Young Harris, GA.

Treasurer, Richard Goodspeed reported:

Beginning Balance    $ 338.15
Income & deposits        157.60
Withdrawals/Fees          50.00
End of April. BAL.   $ 445.75
Cash and checks           105.30 
Balance to date          $ 551.05

Judy asked about the fees.  Dick is going to get clarification from the bank.

Unfinished Business:

New Business:
Judy Mitchell would like to have a website that we can all contribute to.  It was decided to form a Website Committee.  Judy volunteered to serve on the committee.

Larry donated two books to our club library.

Dick was at Marion Market and talked to a vendor who has the beginnings of a map that has each state cut-out of the state rock.  The vendor wants to give the map to our club.  Dick will pick it up Saturday morning.


Tom gave a talk on Rock and Mineral Classification.



Art & Jenny have been rock hounds since the 70’s.  Lived on Long Island.  They learned cabbing & faceting at William Holland.  They are past members of the Mid-Florida Club.

John & Dorothy are from Richmond, VA and are members of the Richmond Club.  They collect specimens as they travel in their RV.  They have collected mainly in the WEST, including CO. & MT.

Tom Brown is going to Franklin so he thought he would check us out.

Henry and his wife have been “Villagers” for 3 ½ weeks.  They are looking forward to all that The Villages has to offer.

Pat & friend are interested in learning everything!

Meeting was adjourned and we had our “Chinese auction” and “show and tell” time.

Rhonda West,