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TVGMS Hard at Work

The Villages Gem and Mineral Club


Meeting Date: Mar 2014

President - Bill Collins
Vice President – Michael McCauley
Treasurer – Richard Goodspeed
Secretary – Rhonda West
Events Co-coordinator – Christine Courtwright
Safety Officer – Ed Mrak
Officer at Large – Tom Mitchell
Web Master – Jim Courtwright

A regular business meeting of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society was held at Sea Breeze Recreation Center on March 6, 2014. Club President, Bill Collins, called the meeting to order at 6:28 pm.



There will be a new sign-up sheet for work nights.  The first time slot will be 15 minutes for set-up and the last 15-minute time slot will be for cleanup.  The actual “work times” will be 30 minutes.  Christine will make up the new sign-up sheets.

The new trim saw will use oil for cooling.  The old trim saw will be changed over to water-cooling.

Motion:  It was moved by Ron Hoppe, seconded by Brian Dickson to try, for one time only, shortening the work time slots to 20 minutes from 30 minutes; which would allow more people to use the equipment – but for a shorter time.  A VERY long discussion ensued.  VOTE by show of hands: Yeas 9, Nays 17.  The motion failed.

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is being developed for each piece of equipment the club owns.  The SOP will address “Elements of Safety” and “How to Use” education.  The club safety officer – Ed Mrak – has a 3-page handout of safety rules – and new members will have to sign that they have read and understand the document.

Suggestion:  To free up machines we could limit the number of times a person can sign-up for a machine – i.e. only 2 sign-ups per member per night.

Officers Reports:

Secretary, Rhonda West was absent.  Acting Secretary in her absence, Ken Wierschem placed copies of the January minutes on each table before the start of the meeting.  Rhonda had also emailed the minutes to the entire membership the day prior to the meeting.  Ken announced that he would read the minutes out loud if everybody felt it was necessary.  It was moved by Ron Hoppe, seconded by Bob Delvaux, to approve the minutes as published.  Voice vote: All yeas – the motion carried.

The minutes from November were approved.

Treasurer, Richard Goodspeed reported:

For January
Beginning Balance    $ 1,342.22
Deposit                       + 1,959.50
Fees/WD                     -       39.90
Expenditures             -     669.38
Bal.                             $ 2,582.44

For February
Beginning Balance    $ 2,582.44
Deposit                       +    300.50
Expenditures             -     195.00
Bal.                             $ 2,687.94

It was moved by Judy Mitchell, seconded by Ron Hoppe to accept the treasurer’s report.  Voice vote: All Yeas.  The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Events Co-coordinator, Christine Courtwright reported:

She tried to set-up the next TVGMS show in January 2015.  Now the VCDD wants a “piece of the pie” which translates to 70% for the club and 30% for VCDD.

There are lots of questions and Christine will try to get answers by next months meeting.  “Everyone liked the last show! Both vendors and buyers.”

Suggestion: Have buckets for donations.

Everyone applauded Christine for her efforts and hard work.

New Business

Bill will generate a sign-up sheet for volunteering supervisors for Sunday workshops.

Bill brought up the topic of field trips.

  1. He will check into Ruck’s Pit.

  2. He will check into the Peace River.

  3. He will check into Honeymoon Island near Tampa.


Outdoor Expo will be held March 29 & 30, 2014.  It was moved by Christine Courtwright, seconded by Laurel Bonhage to have an exhibit at the Outdoor Expo.  After discussion – Vote by show of hands: Yeas 10, Nays 11.  The motion failed.

Brownwood Colonial Days will be April 2nd and we will have a booth.

Web Master, Jim Courtwright was absent, reporting for him Christine Courtwright

Jim wanted to the club to know that before he can proceed with our website the website committee was to meet to discuss some concerns.  They have not met yet.

It was moved by Bob Delvaux, seconded by Ron Hoppe to adjourn the meeting 8:20 pm.