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The Villages Gem and Mineral Club


Meeting Date: Jun 2012

A regular business meeting of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society was held at SeaBreeze
Recreation Center on June 7, 2012.  Club President, Tom Mitchell, opened the meeting at
6:30PM.  He welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked newcomers to introduce themselves. Some new people attended because they had read the agenda was to include a talk on using a mineral ID kit, so they were intrigued.
Tom reviewed flyers, newsletters and resources that he had received in this last month.  He answered questions and reviewed the membership dues and policy for using our equipment at Workshop sessions.  He encouraged our club to take advantage of the Southeast Federation Directory rental video library, and Christine Courtwright plans to review the offerings, order videos and request AV equipment from the SeaBreeze staff. Then we can present a video at the end of business meetings.  These videos will hopefully expand our skills in the lapidary arts. Gail and Betty Gibson donated a large stack of “Physical Geology Laboratory Manuals” from their University courses.  It’s another good reference booklet.
Officers Reports:
Bill Collins, VP, reported about the trim saw accident, last Thursday Workshop.  The safety
cover interfered with a stone being trimmed and caused the motor belt to burn out.  We had quite a smoky Storage Room until the air cleared.  Bill checked the saw and found no permanent damage to it. Whew!
Bill Collins, VP, will now be in charge of the S.I.G. groups.  He will communicate with the
Chairpersons and help these groups succeed.  The S.I.G. groups are as follows:
Gem Trees-Chairperson-Mary Ellen Lanigan-meets every 2nd Thursday Workshop at SeaBreeze. Members are listed on our club website under “Discussions”-Category-Gem Trees.  Members
can communicate w/ Mary Ellen at her website:, or by email
Cabochons-Chairperson-Dick Goodspeed-meets every Thursday workshop at SeaBreeze. Faceters-Chairperson-Tom Mitchell-Teaching sessions by sign up at Workshop sessions. Wire Wrappers-Mary Ellen Lanigan-meeting times and place TBA
Fund Raisers- Christine Courtwright- Sales/Show & Tell Event planned for Fall 2012
Other S.I.G. groups can be developed and promoted.  Keep in mind that S.I.G. group members must be dues paying members of TVGMS to be covered by our S.E. Federation insurance policy. Secretary, Rhonda West, out of town in California, minutes of the May meeting were not available.  Judy Mitchell took minutes of this June meeting.
Treasurer, Dick Goodspeed reported:
End of May Bal.         $ 636.84
Deposits                      +   326.15
Withdrawals              -   433.00
End of May Bal.        $   529.99
Expenses this month included a flat lap for stone carving and cabochons.
Treasurer’s report was approved.

Christine Courtwright suggested that the Board review our policy regarding dues, use fees for machines and generally ways of generating income for the Club.  She asked when the Board met. Tom M. explained that the Board meets only informally at Workshop sessions to review money matters.  The policy for equipment use is: Members can pay $1.00 at any Workshop Thursday
and use any and all machines except the faceting machine.  Use of the faceting machine is $5.00 per week for 5 weeks which includes hands-on training from Tom Mitchell or another trained faceter. This reserves the machine for that person.  If the faceting project is not complete, addition time can be allowed, at no additional cost.  Members, please keep your eyes/ears open for used equipment that can be donated to TVGMS. At present, Tom Mitchell is trying to negotiate with Mid Florida Gem and Mineral Society for their equipment, since they are disbanding.  Christine asked for volunteers to join her SIG group to plan fund raising activities for TVGMS.
Webmaster, Judy Mitchell:
She reviewed local classes and workshops available for the Summer and Fall, 2012.  She announced Mary Ellen Lanigan’s Fold Forming Workshop, and classes of Barbara Boyce-Two B’s Studio in Mt Dora.  Also she recommended the Florida Goldsmiths Northeast Chapter in Deland, for metalsmith classes.  She encouraged members to sign up for our Club website:
Dave Barrows was asked for information on T-shirts and he said a new/enhanced logo is being designed by Rhonda West.
New Business:
No new subjects brought up.
Tom Mitchell adjourned the business meeting at 7:50PM for the Auction Raffle ticket sales. Then he gave a talk on “Mineral ID Test Kits”.  Information sheets were distributed and will be available on line at our website on the Learning Center page, at the bottom “Attachments”.
An Auction was held for 6+ donated items.