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Meeting Date: Jan 2013

The Villages Gem and Mineral Society
Minutes of January 4, 2013

Meeting was called to order by Tom Mitchell, President, at 6:30PM, Thursday, January 4, 2013. Tom asked everyone to use the sign in sheet, so that the Club has a record of new and prospective members.

Tom reviewed the purpose of the Club, and the Agenda for tonight’s meeting which is to draw up a
Calendar for 2013 year activities. He reviewed several publications that the Club has available for review at meetings and workshops. He also mentioned that the Lodestar newsletter from the Southeast Federation is sent to each member by email in PDF format.

He reviewed the insurance coverage that is
afforded to each Club member, as a member of the Southeast Federation. The insurance policy is not for injury or accident, but rather it is a liability policy

The Villages Recreation Department has also
required that our Club carry this policy. All members present signed The Villages Waiver Form, which is required of Villagers who use RCC facilities.

Tom reviewed some field trip possibilities which were: Ft Drum Crystal Mine aka Ruck’s Pit, Fossil Expedition-Peace River Sharks Teeth expedition, Gillespie Museum at Stetson University, Florida
Museum of Natural History in Gainesville.

Bill Collins, VP, was not present, nor was Rhonda West, Secretary. Last month’s meeting minutes were not available. Dick Goodspeed, Treasurer, gave his financial report. His report was approved by the
membership without corrections.

Judy Mitchell, webmaster, reviewed the contents of our website:
Everyone is encouraged to sign up on the site and use a photo of themselves that Judy has taken at Workshop nights. The website has the Calendar for the year and anyone can add Calendar dates to it.

The Learning Center page has interesting information about minerals, fossils and articles submitted by members are in PDF form there. The Forums page has web resources, and information about each S.I.G. group. There is also a Classified Ads page for buying and selling. Apologies for the distracting ads on the
website. Because the site is free, we unfortunately have to contend with this.

Judy also suggested some possible field trips and speakers; the Appleton Museum of Art, in Ocala, to see the Hernando De Soto artifacts exhibit, speaker Blake Gallagher from Arden Jewelry, Dr. Ashley White, archeologist, who discovered the De Soto artifacts, speaker from the Florida Fossil Hunters Club.

A motion was made to raise funds for equipment replacements by charging each member who attends Workshop sessions $1.00 at each Workshop. Members who use the faceting machines(s) are to be
charged $5.00. The motion was voted and passed. This policy will be in effect immediately.

The Calendar for 2013 has the following dates and events. Some dates are To Be Announced:

Business Meeting: 1/4/13

Business Meeting replaced by 1st TVGMS Club Show
2/7/13, 5:30PM – 9:00PM, Craft Room, SeaBreeze RCC

Business Meeting 3/7/13
Ruck’s Pit – Field Trip

Business Meeting 4/4/13
Outdoor Expo – TBA
Peace River – Field Trip

Business Meeting 5/2/13

Business Meeting 6/6/13

Business Meting 7/4/13 (members ok w/ holiday)

Business Meeting 8/1/13
Gillespie Museum – Field Trip

Business Meeting 9/5/13

October Business Meeting - 10/3/13
Florida Museum – Field Trip

Business Meeting 11/7/13

Business Meeting/Holiday Party 12/5/13

Meeting was adjourned by Tom Mitchell at 8:30PM and an auction was held as a Club fund raiser.

Members took home magazines donated to the Club.
Minutes submitted by: Judy Mitchell, Webmaster