Meeting November 5, 2015

Vice President, Michael McCauley called the regular meeting of the Villages Gem & Mineral Society to order.

He started the meeting by talking about membership for 2016. Membership is $15 per person Jan. 1 to 12/31/2016. You can add your spouse for $5 – which makes membership $20 for a couple.

He touched on items 2 thru 6 of the agenda:

  1. The first Thursday of each month is our business meeting unless it happens to be a holiday and Recreation center is closed. We meet from 6:30 until 9:00 PM on business nights

  2. On all other Thursdays, other than holidays, we meet from 6:00 until 9:00 PM for workshop projects. We also meet on Sunday mornings for workshops 9:00 until Noon.

  3. On workshop nights and mornings all participants are expected to register and pay

$1 even if they do not use a machine. Reservations and personalized training are required for the faceting machine – thus the cost is higher ($5/session and five sessions are required).   After training the cost is only $1.

  1. Members must be trained and certified to use the machines. We now have 8 pairs of loaner safety glasses for beginners. They cannot be taken home. Sanitizer is available for your health.  Safety Rules are now available.  Please see our website.

  2. Please remember that it is your responsibility to help in cleaning up and putting away the machines at the end of the meeting. Don’t plan on coming early, getting your little project done, and then leaving the rest of us to cleanup your mess. If you have been involved in setting up several of the machines at the beginning of the meeting you are excused from staying to the bitter end for cleanup. If you are not part of that group it means staying an extra hour or longer to help out with the cleanup that is just the way it goes.  Plan on have more than one project to work on or bring a book to read.


Treasure’s Report


Checkbook balance




Plus Oct. Receipts Less Oct. Expenses
Total checkbook balance plus cash on hand


Event Co-coordinator

Christine explained the Holiday party scheduled for Dec. 10th. Please sign-up for food as the party is potluck. Each person attending is to bring a wrapped gift that is $10-$15 in value.  We will be having a “Yankee swap” with the gifts.  The party will be 6 to 9 pm.

Colonial Days in Brownwood will take place in January 19, 2016. Ron Hoppe, Michael McCauley, and Bernie Van Horn said they would like to participate.

Our annual show is February 28, 2016.  We have 4 rooms in Sea Breeze for the entire day. The Rec. dept. will get 30% of our table sales. Our club will retain 70% of the table sales.  The Rec. Dept. will handle advertising.  The general public will be able to attend.

Ron Hoppe expressed concern over feeling like a second-class citizen with so many “outside” vendors included in our Annual Show. Discussion brought out the point that we bring in so many outside vendors to bring more people to our show and also because it is the table sales that make money for our club.


New Business

Chris, our events coordinator, proposed that in October or November 2017 we have a “sale” night on our regular meeting night.  Support was UNANIMOUS!
Old Business Nominated officers: Bill Collins – President
Brian Dickson – Vice President
Bob Delvaux – Treasurer Rhonda West – Secretary

By show of hands the nominations were accepted.



There will be no workshop Nov. 26.  Sea Breeze will be closed for Thanksgiving.


The meeting was adjourned.

At Seabreeze Rec Center

Petsmart Pet Supply





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