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TVGMS Hard at Work

Meeting January 7, 2016

President, Bill Collins called the regular meeting of the Villages Gem & Mineral Society to order.

Auction procedure explained by Bill.

Secretary, Rhonda West is away. Ed Mrak will take notes in Rhonda’s absence. The November minutes will be available next month.
December was our Holiday Party.


Treasure’s Report


Checkbook balance



Plus Nov. Receipts




Less Nov. Expenses
Total checkbook balance plus cash on hand



Number of paid members 137



Checkbook balance



Plus Dec. Receipts




Less Dec. Expenses
Total checkbook balance plus cash on hand



Number of paid members 134


Event Co-coordinator


Colonial Days in Brownwood will take place Tuesday, January 19, 2016 from 12 to 4 pm. We have 6 people participating. Parking passes were handed out. The club will pay the fees this year. Next years participation and fee responsibility will be decided later.

Annual show is February 28, 2016. A flyer has been posted to our website. We now have over 100 tables sold and we have the use of 7 rooms in sea Breeze. We also have the use of the craft room in the morning for coffee, etc. Christine will send out the Vendor Packets by the business meeting in February.

A discussion about security at the Annual Show. Neighborhood watch, or maybe a “security” club member was suggested. NO private security is allowed! Safety co- coordinator suggested an “in house” team to be formed. The discussion included the fact that badges would not be allowed.

There will be no demonstrations at the Annual Show.  There is no room for demos. All Gem and Mineral Clubs in the S.E. Federation have been notified, by Christine, of our show.

There will be a quarter page AD in the Rec. News. The Villages Rec. Dept. is financially responsible for our advertising – it is part of the reason they get 30% of our table sales.
Channel 2 news may cover our show as well.

Club members should send a copy of our FLYER to other clubs and neighbors.

A number of various crafts and artisans will be participating in our show. Chris tries to mix up the various crafts into different rooms.

If, as a vendor, you take custom orders a balloon will be tied on your table.

It was suggested that club members pass out business cards at Brownwood to use as a way draw people to the show in February. They could bring the cards to the show and they would be put into a special drawing.

The first Thursday in Dec. was suggested as next year’s Holiday Party. Bill said “no” because that is Business Meeting night.  We will re-visit this.

The second Thursday in November was suggested for our MEMBER show and sale. Only members will be able to have a table and sell items. It would be in the craft room during our regular meeting hours.  The Board will need to discuss and decide.



A committee has been working on instructions and Standard Operating Procedures for each piece of machinery. These will be posted on our website and each member will be responsible to study these documents.

The committee is not yet ready to present.

Suggested that each machine have a ‘waterproof’ set of instructions attached.

Presently it is important to note that TWO people should carry our Cab King machines and our trim saws.



Tom Mitchell told members about a controversy going on in Oregon over The Dugway Geode claims owned by the Crapo family. The land has been open to the public for more than 50 years. The family was late in filing the papers and in paying the fee for 2016 and now the BLM may not grant use.

Tom will forward written information to Bill to be emailed to our membership. A possible petition to the BLM could make a difference.

Reminder - Everyone in the club needs to sign a waiver with the Villages Recreation Department.


The meeting was adjourned.