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Meeting February 4, 2016

Vice President, Brian Dickson, called the regular meeting of the Villages Gem & Mineral Society to order.

Mary Ellen Lanigan purchased some jewelry making tools for the club. She showed us a ring mandrel, oval bracelet mandrel, and assorted cutters and pliers.

The minutes for January 2016 and November 2015 had been sent via email to the members. The Minutes were accepted with one correction. The November minutes stated that our Event Coordinator recommended that we have a club member sale in October or November of 2017.  It should have read 2016.

Treasure’s Report


Checkbook balance




Plus Jan. Receipts Less Jan. Expenses
Total checkbook balance plus cash on hand


Brian brought us up to date on the committee that is working on safety procedures and rules for the use of our equipment. The committee is working on Standard operating Procedures for each piece of equipment. Each member will be observed using each machine and will be deemed qualified by a member of the committee. Brian asked for suggestions as to the actual procedures for qualification of each member. It was pointed out by one of the members that in other clubs, i.e. Glass Fusion, Pottery, etc. you actually have to take a Life Long Learning class before you can join the respective club.

Event Co-coordinator

Chris is looking for volunteers for the day of our Annual Show and Sale. She especially needs volunteers in the morning to help vendors bring their goods inside.

She explained the procedure for “palm cards.” These are printed cards to be handed out by club members as advertisement to bring people to our show. People who bring the “palm card” to our show will be included in a special drawing for a large basket full of goodies.

Show flyers are posted on our website and can be downloaded and printed for posting or distribution.

A vendor has been added just this week. Katie runs the Batey Shop, which is a non-profit organization that builds homes in the Dominican Republic for the Dominican people working the Larimar mines.

Brian made a motion to designate the Batey Shop table not be charged the table fee. The motion was seconded.

Discussion: Ed Mrak remarked that we should be supporting a local charity. Evidently we did offer a table to a local charity but they declined to be included in our show.

A club member who has been to the Dominican Republic Stated that according to what she had witnessed, supporting this non-profit would be a worthy endeavor for our club.

Another club member cited that what Katie is selling is directly related to what we do as a club.  It is also possible that Katie will come and talk to our club about mining Larimar.

Brian reiterated the vote. There were no dissents.
Our Safety Officer, Matt suggested that a few members simply walk around the show and observe in the vein of security.  He has a sign-up sheet for members to sign-up for an hour or more to walk around with your club ID visible. The purpose is to just try and discourage shoplifters.

Ron Hoppe asked where the door prizes come from. Answer: our members donate the items.  PLEASE donate!

Brian asked for a show of thanks to Christine for her hard work. The meeting was adjourned.

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