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TVGMS Hard at Work

Meeting March 3, 2016

President, Bill Collins, called the regular meeting of the Villages Gem & Mineral Society
to order.
He began with membership requirements. He announced that we would have an
auction after the meeting.
The minutes for February 2016 had been sent via email to the members. The Minutes
were approved.

Treasure’s Report
01/31/16 Checkbook balance $7,819.09
Plus Feb. Receipts 966.50
Less Feb. Expenses <1,720.38>
02/29/16 Total checkbook balance plus cash on hand $7,065.21
We have 96 paid members.
The Treasurer’s Report was approved.
Old Business
A group in The Villages called “The Ponderosas” contacted Susan McCauley. Marge
Fall, Brian Dickson and John Fall went to talk to their club and made a presentation, with
demonstrations, of what our club does.
There is an order sheet on the front table for badges. If you wish to have a club badge
with your name on it $7 per badge is required at the time of order.

Event Co-coordinator
Chris reported that 2,000+ people went through our show. The PALM cards were a big
hit. The door prize drawings brought in $322.00. This was not as successful as previous
Chris has not received all of the surveys yet. People in the Destin/Daytona room
complained about congestion. There were some complaints about outside vendors being
There were numerous complaints about a vendor named “Ritchie” and even Chris had
trouble with him. There was a motion from the floor to exclude Ritchie from
participating in our future shows. The motion carried and the vote was unanimous.
The Village Neighbors magazine is including some of our members in their magazine.
Next February they will give us the centerfold.
Chris will send “thank you” notes to Pam Henry and to sea Breeze Rec. center and to the
Sheriff’s office. She publically thanked ALL of the volunteers who worked on the
annual show.
There are instructions posted on each machine – PLEASE READ THEM!!

New Business
Bill presented Marge & John Fall and Brian Dickson with plaques of appreciation for
their demonstration/presentation to The Ponderosa Club.
He also presented Christine Courtwright with an n appreciation plaque and a $300 gift
card for her fine work coordinating our Annual Show.
Our club now has money to buy some new machinery. A motion was made to set aside
up to $4,000 for the purchase of equipment.
There was discussion about a faceting machine Tom Mitchell has for sale. He has
completely rebuilt the machine and would like $2,000 for it.
Ed Mrak also has rebuilt faceting machines for sale. A Lee machine and a Raytech
Seems we only have room and money for two additional pieces of equipment.
The motion was seconded. There was one nay.
Chris made a motion to send Susan McCauley flowers and a card following surgery. The
motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Bill would like to coordinate a Field Trip to Ruck’s Pit, if there is any interest. Ruck’s
Pit is about 3 hours away.
Ron Hoppe asked about a trip to The Peace River.
Tom Mitchell talked about an archeological dig in Vero Beach, which could be a
potential field trip. There is a museum and you can participate with the dig if you sign-up
ahead of time.

Chris will ask Katie Godkin Morales to come to our meeting on April 7th to talk about
Tom Mitchell will call Gene McDevitt to see when he can come to talk to our club about
Boulder Opals.
Tom also talked about the S.E. Federation. Our club is a part of the S.E. Federation and
we get our insurance from them. There are many benefits of belonging that can be better
understood by visiting the website:
He also talked about “hands on” education at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts:, and Wildacres:
The meeting was adjourned.